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You are a people person and love working with young, talented individuals. You enjoy meeting new people, learning about their career aspirations, and understanding what makes them tick.



  • No previous HR experience necessary.

  • Enjoy working with people and willingness to learn.


  • Salary: NTD $40,000-70,000 per month

  • Hiring bonus

    • NTD $100,000 per experienced engineer hire

    • NTD $30,000 per new college hire, NTD $50,000 extra per 5 new college hires.

    • NTD $50,000 per quant trader

    • NTD $120,000 per hire with IMO, IPhO, IOI, or ACM medal (any position, background)

  • If annual company-wide turnover is lower than 10%, NTD $100,000 bonus.


  • Recruit top talent candidates.

How to Apply

  • Please email your resume to

  • Please upload your resume to Dropbox as a PDF

  • Save the PDF name in lower case as <chinese_name>.<english_last_name>.<english_first_name>.pdf

Job Scope

Experienced Hire Recruiting

  • Must be able to effectively pitch company to potential candidates, and answer questions about company, industry, and job scope.

  • Prepare documents, informational flyers, website pages, and other materials for experience hires to learn more about industry, company, and job.

  • Research and network with peer industry recruiters to understand and develop more effective recruiting practices.

  • Maintain relationship with external headhunters.

  • Maintain company recruiting presence and relationships on LinkedIn and PTT.

  • Administer phone screens to potential candidates.

College Recruiting

  • Hire new college graduates from local universities.

  • Speak at college campus seminars, tech talks, and college career fairs.

  • Organize, prepare, and manage all campus recruiting activities.

  • Prepare documents, informational flyers, website pages, and other materials for campus recruiting events.

  • Organize and recruit summer interns for engineering and data scientist positions.

Internal Human Resource

  • Middlemen between employees and management for HR related-issues.

  • Keep track of salary and bonus information for all employees. 

  • Involved with quarterly performance review to receive feedback.

  • Organize company-wide events for team-building.

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