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We are a team of scientist and engineers applying AI and Machine Learning, leveraging the cutting edge of technology, to predict patterns in global financial markets.

Engineering Driven

In our industry, the best technology wins, period. Because we do not have a product to push to customers, engineering is a profit center, not a cost center. We do not have worry about whether our product will sell. Our only focus is the quality of our engineering and AI.

Best Talent

We recruit the best talent to join our team, with an extremely rigorous and objective process. Good people want to work with great teammates that they respect and can learn from. We want very hungry people who are very aggressive about learning new techniques and take their skills to the next level. 



Engineering Managed

We are engineers and scientists managed by engineers and scientists. Our management all have strong engineering or science backgrounds, or can code themselves. Within the firm, there is extreme emphasis on quality code, continuous regression testing, and frequent code review.

Silicon Valley Startup

The work environment we strive to foster is that of a Silicon Valley startup, meaning a flat organization, no politics or bureaucracy, informal dress code, no clock-in clock-out. We offer 15 days of paid time off for all employees, from their first year. We have budgets for afternoon tea, office snacks, and company luncheons and dinners.


Silicon Valley startup environment for scientist and engineers.

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