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You love software and experimenting with the latest technology stacks. You love reading technical articles to improve the performance of your code. You love solving difficult problems in the simplest and most clever ways. You never stop learning and improving your software development skills. You love exposure to many different technologies and domains.



  • 3 years of C, C++, Linux experience

  • 1 year of software-layer networking experience

  • Familiarity with TCP/UDP,IP, e.g. NAS, VoIP, IoT 

  • Bachelors or above in the following fields:  computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering


  • Design and build C/C++ connectivity systems with global exchanges.

  • Build distributed systems to support big data and machine learn research.

How to Apply

  • Please email your resume to

  • Please upload your resume to Dropbox as a PDF

  • Save the PDF name in lower case as <chinese_name>.<english_last_name>.<english_first_name>.pdf

The Experience

Real Engineering

The upside of having no product to sell to consumers is that you are focused on solving real engineering-problems instead of product-problems. Product design is an exciting field but it is not engineering. Our engineers are focused on delivering the best software and hardware performance in our entire technology stack. From low level firmware, kernel, and compiler, you have full control of optimizing the full stack.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data is an outsized part of the future of software engineering. For us, Machine Learning and Data Science is not a side project or gimmick, but is how we make money and the primary focus of the firm. There are also very few disciplines like financial markets where there are enough quality data to do real ML properly.


It is important for every engineer to develop some domain knowledge outside of general programming, such as IC design, computer hardware, etc. The financial industry has the highest revenue per head of any other industry, and this is truly a global industry.

Lateral Opportunities

There are many opportunities to move laterally within the firm to become a data scientist, quantitative trader, or to another software engineer position at a related company.

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