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New Trader


New Trader Program

As a new trader, you will learn about our business, and build strong quantitative trading skills.


The new Trader program is open to final year undergraduate and graduate level students from engineering, math, statistics, econometric, computer science or physics field with little or no work experience.

Program Type


Application Deadline

31, May 2018

Training Program

The program begins in July with few months training. This includes quantitative trading platform, machine learning, financial knowledge, and how to build quantitative model. At the end of the training, we hope that Traders have built one profitable model and are able to develop their owned Alpha (strategies).


  • Develop quantitative trading strategies using statistical models to capture market inefficiencies

  • Manage an independent P&L book

  • Monitor and maintain trading strategies in production to profitability


  • Familiar with C/C++, Python, Matlab or R

  • Strong interest in financial markets and desire to beat the market

  • Motivated by tremendous upside potential

How to Apply

  • Please email your resume to

  • Please upload your resume to Dropbox as a PDF

  • Save the PDF name in lower case as <chinese_name>.<english_last_name>.<english_first_name>.pdf

The Experience


As a quantitative trader, researching new strategy and alpha ideas will be a large part of your daily responsibilities. Each trader will be given a wide range of freedom to pursue his or her direction. The environment will be similar to academia in that you will consult many academic papers and textbooks to find inspiration for new ideas. Obviously, ideas that appear in published papers will not be profitable, otherwise they would be in papers in the first place, but they are usually a good starting point or source of new ideas. Here are some example papers for you to get a feel for the day-to-day research topics.


Traders will be offered extremely generous profit-sharing percentages of their strategy's trading revenue. If a trader is successful, this opportunity is tremendous upside potential.


Each trader has the opportunity to form a trading group within the firm. The trader will become the Team Lead, recruit his or her team members, manage the team's research and development directions, and decide compensation allocations to his or her team. This is an entrepreneurship opportunity to start a company within a larger company.

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